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While in Whittlesey

Also known as Whittlesea or Witesia is about nine miles east of Peterborough and is an ancient Market town in the Fenland area. Before the Fens were drained, Whittlesea was a dry piece of land surrounded by the marshes. We have proof of civilization being there dating back to the Bronze Age. Rich farmland made this area very desirable. Later on it became known for its Brickworks and even later still, its public houses.
This entire area, having been marshy Fenland, is agriculturally rich and historically as well, since not only the Saxons fought for this land, but the Danes raided and kept much of it, and eventually it was taken over by the rulers of East Anglia.

From A To Z

The old German tradition was big here until later in the twentieth century it was stopped by the local police. It has since been reinstated and is practiced in Whittlesey over a weekend in January. A local boy dresses up in straw and makes his rounds now accompanied by a band and others to visit local residents and business owners. There are songs, dance and lively entertainment for all to enjoy and it helps break up the otherwise bleak winter.
Today, of course, you can visit any time and while there, make sure you pack all of your favourite Medusa Juice Vapes to take along. You can find some interesting things to do and see in Whittlesey and regardless of the time of year you go, you can enjoy a day trip or spend a week. Scuba diving at Gildenburgh water is high on the list of things to do and it’s considered a top notch facility by local and national divers alike.


If you’re into nature and wildlife, you won’t want to miss a day spent at Nene Washes. A lovely walk along side of the Washes and you can easily take the family dog and give them an outing they will enjoy. There’s also the Lattersey Local Nature Reserve, where you can also get back to the basics and see some lovely countryside.
Be sure to check out the Whittlesey Railway Station and the Whittlesey Museum. For those of you interested, there’s also Reptile Mania where you can get your fill of reptiles.

Sweeter still

Whittlesey has some lovely gift shops including Hidden Gems, so be sure to check that out and if you want to grab a drink or bite to eat, there’s The New Crown, Quinn’s Bar and Hub’s Place. Other local restaurants include Dog In A Doublet, Vesuvio, Fontanella’s, and The Black Bull. Whatever you’re in the mood for and whatever your budget, Whittlesey has something to suit it. Stroll around the town and check out the menus, there’s lots of good things to enjoy.
If you have the time, be sure to drive to one of Medusa Juice’s local shops, you can find them in Peterborough, King’s Lynn and Norwich. You can also access them by phone or computer if you can’t make it in person and want to see the latest deals. They always have something wonderful going and it’s well worth the time to check it out.

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