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Wandering around Wimborne Minster

The market town of Wimborne Minster shares its name with the magnificent, Saxon church in the town. Wimborne is also one hundred and eighty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. So, you can explore the sights and still have time to visit our store in person. Check out the amazing range of e-liquids as well as vaping accessories and our clothing line. You won’t find a better selection for your money and you can always explore our online store and have everything you need delivered. Be sure to visit regularly to get the most out of our offers, contest and the latest additions to our range of e-liquids.

History and other interesting tidbits

The history of Wimborne is shrouded in mystery before the Anglo-Saxon Period. The area where the town now stands would’ve been an ideal position for early settlers. But there is no record or archaeological evidence of a village until the 5th century.
The town of Wimborne had developed into a significant royal manor by the 8th century. King Ina of the West Saxons founded the bishopric of Sherborne and Ina’s sister, Cuthberga founded a nunnery at Wimborne which later became a monastic order for both men and women. It is Cuthberga and her sister Quinberga who are credited with founding the town and both are buried in Wimborne Minster.
Wimborne appears in record as a Minster in the 9th century. The nunnery was attacked and destroyed by invading Danes in 1013 and a college of secular canons was built on the site three decades later. The town received its Royal Charter from King John and the Minster itself was enlarged and developed several times in the following centuries. The main interior houses a medieval astronomical clock and the Chained Library, one of the earliest public libraries in the country.
The population of the town grew rapidly as the religious qualities of Wimborne Minster attracted new people. By the 13th century the town was holding a market on St. Cuthberga’s Day with stallholders providing the church with a reliable income.
The town developed around the church and market area as Wimborne became an important trading centre. New streets were created around the Cornmarket which also held the stocks for public punishments. And by the 14th century the town was also holding an annual fair which at the time was a large market with festivities.
Wimborne Minster’s history is not without its difficulties. The Black Death devastated the town and it took decades for the population to recover. Leprosy was also present in the area with a building in Wimborne dedicated to the care of lepers.
The Minster has also been home to a number of notable people over the years including writer Thomas Hardy who lived in the town for a time. Manx poet Josephine Kermode spent the last years of her life in Wimborne and it is believed that poet Matthew Prior was born there.
In 1980 Wimborne founded the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. This annual event focuses on traditional folk dance and music and is one of the largest gatherings of dance teams and musicians in the South of England. The festival attracts over twenty thousand visitors and is just one of the attractions hosted by the town.
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How about this?

A good place to start when visiting Wimborne is Wimborne Minster itself. This grand, religious building is one of the town’s most prominent landmarks and has been a centre of prayer for over a thousand years. The Minster contains a medieval astronomical clock and the chained library which includes manuscripts from the 14th and 15th century. The library is housed in what was once the treasury before the wealth of the minster was confiscated during the reign of Henry VII.
The minster isn’t the only historic location around Wimborne. Kingston Lacy is a stunning national trust home built in the style of an Italian palace and situated in a large estate with beautiful gardens as well as hiking and cycling trails. The hill fort of Badbury Rings is located nearby and is part of a series of earthworks in the area. The site was once a substantial settlement with more than two dozen buildings.
For a look into the regions past, visit The Priest’s House Museum and Garden. This Grade II listed building, parts of which date back to the 16th century, is managed by a staff of friendly volunteers. The museum contains material on local history with a focus on trade, domestic and rural life as well as crafts and childhood.
There are plenty of crafts and artworks on display around Wimborne. Walford Mill hosts a collection of contemporary crafts from local and national makers as well as a craft shop and cafe on site. The town’s Model Village was first opened in the 1950s and contains over a hundred period shops set in a beautiful garden with a great tea room.
This historic market town still home to a market today where you can find jewellery, antiques and clothing as well as memorabilia. And there are also a variety of bars and inns around town if you’d like to sample the local food and drink.

And then there’s this

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