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Vape Shop Near Wisbech

Any of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops are an easily travelled distance from Wisbech. Be it Peterborough, Norwich or King’s Lynn, you can reach a Medusa Juice Shop in no time at all. Which comes in handy when you want to get the best deals on e-liquids and equipment in order to have the best vape experience possible.

What’s So Special?

What’s so special about Wisbech, you ask? Well, let’s figure it out together, shall we? The first recorded reference to Wisbech is from around 1000 A.D. So, it’s an old Market Town. Check. Wisbech is located in the Fens of Cambridgeshire, which have a rich and interesting history themselves. Next to Cambridge and St. Neots, Wisbech is the next largest city. Perhaps due to it being so close to the Medusa Juice vape shops is why it’s big on vaping. Or perhaps it’s just because the locals know you can’t find a better way to help you quit smoking than vaping. Whatever the reason, Wisbech knows a good deal and you won’t find a better deal on anything Vape related elsewhere. Medusa Juice is your best source for equipment and e-liquids.

Wisbech is a great place to raise a family in. It’s wildness is interspersed wonderfully with the urban charm of a quaint small town. Wisbece (Wisbech) means ‘from the back of the river Ouse’. It is the only one Marshland Vills mentioned in the Doomsday book.

Who, What and Where

Wisbech Castle was built by William I and later on was turned into an ecclesiastical prison, where many of the incarcerated Catholics often died due to the unsanitary conditions. While that is no longer a concern, you may worry that there’s not enough going on to entertain you and your friends or family. It shouldn’t be a concern, as there’s plenty to do and if nature is important to you, you can find plenty of it in the surrounding area.

The Wisbech Museum is a good way to spend several hours and learn more about the town, its citizens and the history. Don’t forget too that the Fenland in the Crescent is another good museum for the whole family to visit as well. Both museums have extensive libraries which can be used for research if you’re a student of local history. There’s also an extensive diocesan archive.

Spend The Day

Octavia Hill was born in Wisbech and her family home is located on South Brink. Wisbech is home to one of the oldest Georgian theatres in England and certainly worth a look. Don’t forget to stroll along the gardens at Elgoods Brewery and the Cambridgeshire Fens are simply breathtaking.

Besides being the birthplace of Octavia Hill, Wisbech is hometown to Thomas Clarkson as well. Clarkson abolished the slave trade and Hill founded the National Trust. Both of these changed the future of England for the better and we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

Wisbech is a lovely place to sit and enjoy your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquid and after you’re finished, why not do some shopping? The Horsefair Shopping Centre has most of the high end stores you’re familiar with and it also has some interesting independant signature stores. Be sure to check them out before leaving. Grab yourself a coffee afterward at Costa Coffee or one of the local coffee shops such as Loafers Coffee Shop.

Signing Off

There’s a Greggs in town if you want a quick snack or try one of the local pubs or diners for lunch or dinner. Whatever else you do, make sure you visit Medusa Juice Vape Shop to make it a perfect day.

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