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Another interesting place to see while out and about in Norfolk is Wroxham. It is a small village as well as a civil parish in the country of Norfolk. Wroxham is situated within the Norfolk Broads on the south side of a loop in the centre of the River Bure. Try saying that three times really fast! Wroxham is fortunate in that it lies in an elevated position above the Bure, between Belaugh Broad and the Wroxham Broad. The village itself is some eight miles north-east of Norwich, where you can visit one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops and stock up on your favourite e-liquids. Wroxham and its broad lie within an area of fairly intensive agriculture, with areas of wet woodland adjoining both the broad and river.

One point of interest in Wroxham is Wroxham Bridge. This was rebuilt in brick and stone in 1619 replacing an earlier bridge which was built in 1576. Oddly enough, even this replaced an earlier, most likely wooden, structure. It is considered to be the second most difficult on the Broads to navigate. Which you can appreciate while touring it and the surrounding area.

Important Places

Important buildings around Wroxham are the Church of St Mary the Virgin, which stands at the top of a steep slope above the River Bure. It was built out of flint with limestone dressings and lead roofs. It has a high tower and a famous Norman doorway. The doorway is stained blue, has seven orders and three shafts, and has been described by the architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner as ‘barbaric and glorious’. The church was very heavily restored in Victorian times.

Then too, in the churchyard sits the Trafford Mausoleum. It is mediaeval in appearance, although it was built in 1831 to designs by the architect Anthony Salvin. Historically, The area near the church was the core of the village.

A brick and pantiled manor house to the southeast of the church has stepped gables showing Dutch influence, and a panel which dates back to 1623. The picturesque red brick cottage dating from around 1820 abuts the churchyard. So if you can, be sure to stroll around the village and see as many of these historically rich and wonderfully charismatic buildings. Take advantage of the chance to enjoy a vape of your latest Medusa Juice e-liquids too.

Other significant houses in the village include Keys Hill House, built to the east of Norwich Road around 1890 by an important Norwich architect, Edward Boardman. This was intended and then built as a substantial country house in the Jacobean style. Rife with history, this home was
briefly used as a camp for Italian prisoners of war and later as an old people’s home.

Significant Houses

Not to be outdone, George Formby, the early twentieth-century entertainer, once owned a riverside home in Beech Road, called Heronby. It had a thatched roof and was built in 1907.

Also, nearby, is Charles Close. This house is a mid-20th century residential development which was built on the site of the Charles family’s large Georgian mansion, Wroxham House. This was later demolished in 1954.
Closer to Wroxham Broad at the south end, stands the early 18th century red brick estate, Broad House. This was formerly the seat of the local land-owning Trafford family, and more recently a ’boutique’ hotel.

On the west side of Norwich Road stands the large former village inn, The Castle, as it was known, has since been converted into flats. The red brick Victorian school house stands between Norwich Road and the church, the additional post-war school buildings having been demolished after the school closed in the 1980s.


Wroxham is centre of the Norfolk Broads boat hire industry. You can’t spit for hitting some type of boat. Whatever type of craft you prefer can take you on a tour all day everyday. Today you can holiday on all shape and size of boat, take an organised cruise or hire your own boat for the day (or hour).

From what we can determine, the first person ever known to have made a living out of hiring boats to people on holiday was John Loynes. Loynes founded his Wroxham business in 1878. Over the next fifty years, others would follow his example as the popularity of the Norfolk Broads grew and boating became a recognised leisure interest for the ordinary person.

However, by the late 19th century, boating on the Broads by the Victorians had grown into a substantial tourist trade, with boatyards offering for hire craft of all types. Today however, visitor numbers have fallen back from the pre-war heyday, but hiring boats on the Broads is still a major industry. It’s also a great place to vape. Enjoy all the great e-liquids from one of the four Medusa Juice outlets, be it the original store in King’s Lynn, the bus station kiosk there or the vape shop in Norwich or Peterborough. Medusa Juice is open and ready to meet your vape needs.

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