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The sky’s the limit with our high VG juices.

Our High VG e liquid range is perfect for the UK dripping crowd or anyone with an intolerance to propylene glycol (PG). It gives you all the fabulous flavours you love with high percentage vegetable glycerine content, producing incredible amounts of vapour to make your taste buds go wild.

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Our best High VG collection just got better…

PG e juices aren’t suitable for everyone, but at Medusa Juice we believe that shouldn’t mean you get a rum deal. So we’ve created our own VG collection in a variety of fun, fruity and mouth-watering flavours to keep you smoking sweet. From sensational strawberry to gooey caramel, we’ve got the taste to suit you. If it is a higher propylene glycol base in various nicotine strengths you want, visit our e liquid page here and you’ll find plenty of vaping juices for your electronic cigarette.
VG e liquid is popular among RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) users and is an alternative form to the traditional blend. It’s a favourite for producing considerable quantities of vapour, providing a truly unforgettable e-smoking hit, and now it’s here in a wide assortment of aromas depending on your individual preference. More sophisticated options include Anemi Aniseed, Boreas Caramel and Krios Vanilla, but for a more upbeat twist why not try our High VG e liquids in Hera Melon, Eurus Cherry, Nyx Blackcurrant or Iris Raspberry? We even offer Zephyrus Custard VG to quell those sugar cravings.
Each essence has been carefully concocted to ensure the maximum taste and depth reach you with every vape, and we’re committed to creating the best High VG e liquids the UK has to offer. With different nicotine strengths to choose from (6mg down to 0mg) you’re sure to find the perfect VG vape.
So if you’re an e-cigarette pro or just want to experiment with a new sensation, you’re bound to love our brilliant High VG e liquid Elysium, full of fantastic flavours and vapour galore.

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