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    • Free shipping on all orders over £15

    Top quality, clean e-liquids in a vast range of flavours, ratios and strengths. Best prices and fast delivery. That’s Medusa!

    "Here’s the important stuff we should tell you about. We don’t encourage non-smokers to smoke and we don’t encourage non-vapers to vape. But if you’re a smoker who wants to quit, or you’re a vaper who wants clean, quality, low-cost e-liquids, we’re here for you.

    We’re a family business, started by passionate vapers in 2014. We successfully quit smoking ourselves and experienced the health benefits. Now our mission is to educate and help others to make the same life change.

    We don’t just sell; we support you with a great range of hardware, spares and a massive range of keenly priced, top quality e-liquids. We could bang on about why we’re different to the vape kiosk at the bus station or that new shop that appeared on the High Street. We distilled it all down to one simple thing we call…

    The Medusa Difference

    We realise you’re making important purchases that can directly affect your health. And as an online shopper you want reassurance that you are dealing with an ethical, legitimate, knowledgeable company that is supplying clean, quality merchandise at reasonable prices. You can relax.

    We’re so proud of our products and service that this on every bottle:

    • Clean, safe, certified e-liquids • A huge range of quality flavours • Manufactured with care in the UK • Always low prices and great value

    If you need information, we’re here. If you need advice, get in touch. If there’s a problem with your order, shout! We can be contacted by phone, email, socials or face-to-face in our stores. Never hesitate to reach out if we can help you.

    NHS says vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes

    You may have seen articles on Facebook or news sites explaining that some poor person in the US has suffered lung problems due to vaping. These stories are often designed for clickbait. They have shocking headlines so you click to read, then they charge the advertisers more money for all the page views.

    The stories are frustrating for companies like us, who take the safety of our customers and the quality of our products extremely seriously. Medusa Juice has never been conventional, so we’re not going to tell you that you shouldn’t be concerned. Instead, we’re going to let you know the facts. No clickbait, no bull.

    If you click here you’ll see the NHS page that recommends e-cigarettes as useful for people who want to quit smoking. This advice is the result of a report that was commissioned by Public Health England and put together by several independent, unbiased experts. They say vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and point out that any harmful substances found in e-cigarettes are at much lower levels than in tobacco cigarettes.

    British Heart Foundation recommends switching to e-cigarettes

    The British Heart Foundation funded the University of Dundee to conduct a study into the effects of vaping. This was published in 2019 and its findings say that vaping is less harmful to blood vessels than smoking. The study was conducted on 114 people who smoked on average 15 cigarettes per day. They measured their blood pressure and the stiffness of the arteries. After one month they saw that the health of the blood vessels in the test participants had improved.

    Professor Jeremy Pearson, who is the Associate Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, reported that e-cigarettes contain significantly fewer harmful chemicals than tobacco cigarettes.

    Most vaping illness reports come from USA

    The US has its own rules that arguably aren’t as tight as those in Europe and the UK. Perhaps this is why the illnesses being investigated in America are often caused by additional, illegal substances that were added to the liquid. These include Vitamin E, THC (the psychoactive element of cannabis) and synthetic drugs like ‘Spice’ according to Martin Dockrell, the Head of Tobacco Control at Public Health England.

    Mr Dockrell says “Unlike the US, all e-cigarette products in the UK are tightly regulated for quality and safety by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and they operate the yellow card scheme, encouraging vapers to report any bad experiences”. In the UK, we follow rules that have been set out by The European Tobacco Products Directive 2014 to make sure that companies follow high standards that make vaping as safe as possible. The European Commission released a myth-busting sheet in light of these regulations that you can read here. Medusa Juice is fully compliant with the safety regulations and we have the certificates to prove it! We became one of the UK’s most prominent vape companies because we don’t cut corners.

    Check out our E-Liquid Ranges

    We are proud to offer an extensive range of flavours and sizes, which caters to all needs. See below to find a range that suits you!

    10ml PG and VG Ranges

    If you want to try different ratios, control your nicotine intake and switch flavours this is the range for you. In the 10ml size we offer seven different flavour categories including Fruit, Custard and Menthol in standard PG and high VG. There are dozens of individual flavours you can choose from and varying nicotine strengths from 3mg, 6mg, 12mg to 18mg. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

    10ml NicSalt Range

    This range comes in the 10ml size and is our strongest line, so we just had to give it its own category. NicSalt is for people who like their e-liquids to provide a strong, long-lasting hit, with 20mg of nicotine. There are over 20 flavours available and if we don’t have your favourite, let us know!

    50ml Shortfill Range

    We’ve a vast range of flavours in all these categories - Sweets & Deserts, Fruit, Menthol & Mint, Drinks and Tobacco. All the bases are covered. All our Shortfill ranges come in a 60ml bottle and include a free 10ml Nic Shot, giving you the power to control how much nicotine you add to your e-liquid. If you fancy an extra twist, we let you upgrade to a Nic Salt or Nic Ice shot for a tiny extra premium. 50ml Extreme Range

    Even more exciting is our 50ml amazing array of richer, more complex, more adventurous flavours which will hit your taste buds hard and create a tidal wave in your mouth, bringing an exceptional intensity.

    There are over 30 flavours in the range that include classics like Sweet Cola; fizzy, fragrant and delicious, just like the world’s favourite Cola drink. Or try our amazing ‘Refreshers’ flavour. The flavour explodes with bubbliness, foaminess and fruitiness which is… well, refreshing!

    Not a fan of sweets? No worries! Try one of our menthol ranges like Pandora’s Box - a powerful burst of menthol, strong enough to clear your throat for weeks! Can’t say much more though, because it’s supposed to be a mystery!

    50ml Guest Ranges

    The 50ml size just keeps on giving. We introduced six guest ranges to this size, all designed to provide the classic and iconic vape flavours that experienced vapers have grown to love. All come with the Medusa Quality Guarantee and are made to the same high-quality standards as all our other flavours and ranges. All come with a free Nic Shot. So choose your favourite flavours then add the perfect amount of nicotine to the mix. The six range sensations are:
    •Rebelz If conforming isn’t your thing, then these flavours are perfect for you. We’ve aptly named the flavours Revolt, Mutiny, Rise Up and Disobey.
    •Splash The splash range contains refreshing, sweet flavours that are a little cheeky. Choose from Cola, Apple, Blackcurrant, Sour Strawberry and Bubblegum.
    •Geekz We all knew those kids at school who were the teacher’s pets. They were slightly unusual but in a strange way, they were lovable. These flavours are exactly that! Pick from the weird and wonderful Strawberry & Grape, Lemonade & Sour Apple, Watermelon & Cherry and Lemonade & Cherry
    •Fancy Me Remember those girls who would wear fruit flavoured lip-gloss – and remember how good it used to smell? Well we’ve got the perfect flavours to take you back. We’ve got Grape, Apple, Mango and Orange.
    •Fancy Me Chilled These are for those people who love the Fancy Me range but are cool customers. A little hit of menthol is added to the Fancy Me flavours, just to give it that crisp edge.
    •Lucky Deck Are you a high roller? If you are, the Lucky Deck range will fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Select from Joker, Ace, King, Queen and Jack flavours. These flavours are for the people who live right on the edge.

    Medusa Juices are easy on your wallet

    We know hobbies and remedies can be expensive so it’s our mission to make sure that if you choose to vape, it shouldn’t cost you the world. This is why we make our prices competitive and always have special Multibuy offers. We love our loyal customers and we prove it. Every £ you spend earns you a loyalty point. Your points never go away, they just keep adding and growing until the day you choose to spend them. At checkout, every 20 points get you £1 off your bill. At Medusa, loyalty pays!

    Produced with care in the UK This is important because we can trace everything back to its source and we can monitor production in our state-of-the-art labs. Some of the ingredients come from the EU and this is because they follow the same governance as us, so we can guarantee Medusa Juice is as safe as possible.

    We follow guidelines on the amounts of nicotine that can be used in our vape liquids and the amount of colourings and other ingredients that some people may be sensitive to. These precautions make vaping as safe as possible because we’re producing e-liquids of the highest possible quality, despite our everyday value prices.

    Welcome to Medusa!"

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