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A family business, Medusa was started by passionate vapers


We successfully quit smoking and experienced the health benefits many years ago.  Now our mission is to educate and help others to make the same life change through our stores, sites and wholesalers


The inclusive family ethos underpins all we do.  We don’t just sell; we support and collaborate with our wholesale partners – enhancing your reputation, increasing your profits and always providing the same service we expect to receive


We have a large wholesale network that we advise on ranges, flavours, quantities, store location, layout, branding, hardware, pricing, promos, and customer service.  Everyone gets 1-2-1, 24-7 support by phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp – whatever works best for you


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Become a Medusa reseller with our comprehensive Wholesale service


We provide a one-stop E liquid and CBD wholesale solution for all types of retailers; convenience stores, indies, multiples, fuel stations, pharmacies… everywhere.  We understand that sustaining a successful business with top-quality profitable products can be a minefield.  So we provide our resellers with a wholesale service that is much more than supplying boxes of product.  Each business and its customers are unique, therefore our services adapt to suit

We encounter executives who are new to the industry or are focussed on expanding their existing businesses.  Our wholesale service provides advice on range planning, visual merchandising, marketing, POS and current legislation.  We invested in product development, flavour testing, quality control, label design and marketing.  The result is an outstanding collection of ranges, backed by an unequalled knowledge of the industry and applicable law

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Quality at low everyday prices


The effort and investment that we put into devising and developing our flavours runs through the complete supply chain


All our E liquid and CBD products use premium grade ingredients sourced within the EU and UK.  Our propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are UK made and the highest grade available.  Nicotine is EU made and is again the best available.  Flavourings are sourced from approved food-grade suppliers in the EU and UK, so we can trace the origins of everything


Our label designs must reflect the quality of the product inside, so we use leading UK printers who work to our specifications for quality materials and special finishes.  Many companies save with cheap papers and low quality inks which smear if there’s a spill.  Ours, exactly like the products inside, are the best we can make


Packaging and POS use recyclable glass, plastics and card, plus we ship to retail customers in minimal packaging.  We’ll provide you with custom in-store POS, CDUs, promotional materials, flavour menus and free merch.  Our mission is to draw attention to outstanding products

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Enough chat!


There’s more to say about how our business, personnel, products, prices and service can support yours.  We think this is best covered in a friendly discussion at your place or ours, in a video chat or any other method you prefer.  If you’d like to discover more or discuss your requirements, we’d love to hear from you, so please…


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